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Psychologist in Hyannis, Cargill Behavioral Health
218 W. Main St., Hyannis, MA  02601


see COVID-19 related information below

Psychotherapy services offered include:

Short-term cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety and depression

Longer-term interpersonal or personality-oriented psychotherapy

Child (approx. 8 years and up) and Adolescent psychotherapy including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Depression

Couples and family therapy

Group therapy available:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain management
  • Depression
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Skills
  • Weight Management

Convenient, confidential and secure billing services provided by: Contemporary Management Solutions, Inc.

1-800-946-1101 to call CMS billing

Call us or email for an appointment
(508) 778-9190
email: CargillBH@comcast.net

COVID-19/Teletherapy information: Be aware that choosing teletherapy as an option has inherent risks to confidentiality due to the possibility - however small - for outside monitoring by others. If you choose to accept that risk you should use a secure internet connection and conduct your sessions in a quiet safe place. Your sessions are not recorded or stored by my practice. Health and Human Services have stated that insurances must reimburse for sessions at comparable rates given the COVID-19 outbreak but you should still contact your insurance provider if you question it. In case of technical difficulties I will establish a back plan such as phone and require an emergency contact source. In the event of life threatening conditions and loss of contact rely on emergency services for help such as calling 9-1-1 or going to your nearest emergency room.